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Garden Furnishings

The Barrington Collection

Furniture: The Barrington settee and side chair are reproductions of a 19th garden bench found while antiquing. Crafted by artisanal ironsmiths in New England, these pieces retain their strong graphic quality and that je ne sais quoi found in the elegantly rendered detail of the historic originals.

Lead Tree Tubs

Tree Tubs: Inspired by our rich garden heritage and material culture, these lead tree tubs and troughs are a modernist interpretation of the ancient lead cisterns found in English gardens. Sheathed in a lead skin that ages to a lustrous patina and appointed with stainless steel hardware, these planters are – Edgy but rooted in tradition.™ Fashioned from lead-coated copper and available with hidden castors, they are far more nimble than their ancestral model.

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